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Leaf Shave Razor Blade Disposer Tin

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$ 4.00


Done with your razor blade? Here’s a place to store them before recycling.

Product Details

Production Description:

From a grizzly beard to very fine leg hair, we’ve got you covered! We estimate each reusable blade lasts for about 5 shaves, but that depends on the density and thickness of the hair. When you are finished, insert them into this Blade Disposer Tin!

2.5” x 1.5”




Slide each used blade into the Disposer Tin container. Once full, check if your local waste disposal system will recycle them. If so, we suggest transferring the used blades to an aluminum can and covering the opening with tape to protect sorters from the blades before tossing in with your recyclables.

Another option is to bring your used blades to Ethos and we can recycle them for you in partnership with Albatross.  Keep your Disposer Tin and reuse!

The Business: 

Albatross has an amazing blade take back program, and they repurpose used blades into reusable utensil kits! They also have an initiative called A Trillion Pieces of Plastic, which urges people to commit to picking up 1,000 pieces of trash (or more!) in their lifetime. 


End Life: 

Razor blades are not recyclable in residential bins. To properly recycle your used blades, Albatross has a  Blade Take Back Program. The used blades can then be sent back or dropped off at a participating collection site. Ethos is a collection site, come drop off your blades in an envelope!  

Albatross uses the Take Back metal to make new (non-razor) products that have direct environmental benefit! Learn more about their sustainable Take Back Ware. 

Recycle tin at its' end of life. 

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0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review