• Double Edge Razor Blades (10 pack)
  • Double Edge Razor Blades (10 pack)

Double Edge Razor Blades (10 pack)

Our high quality stainless steel replacement blades cost just $0.30 each. Each pack comes with 10 compact and efficient double-edged razor blades.

Production Description:

From a grizzly beard to very fine leg hair, we’ve got you covered! We estimate each reusable blade lasts for about 5 shaves, but that depends on the density and thickness of the hair. 



10 stainless steel double edge razor blades 


The Business:

Albatross has an amazing blade take back program, and they repurpose used blades into reusable utensil kits! They also have an initiative called A Trillion Pieces of Plastic, which urges people to commit to picking up 1,000 pieces of trash (or more!) in their lifetime. 


End Life:

Razor blades are not recyclable in residential bins. To properly recycle your used blades, Albatross has a  Blade Take Back Program. The used blades can then be sent back or dropped off at a participating collection site. Ethos is a collection site, come drop off your blades in an envelope! 

Albatross uses the Take Back metal to make new (non-razor) products that have direct environmental benefit! Learn more about their sustainable Take Back Ware. 


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