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Leaf Shave Twig Razor

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$ 59.00


Get the same short handle and close shave of a safety razor, but get rid of the fear. The Twig uses a single-blade + fixed-head, specifically designed to be gentle on your skin and easy to use.

Product Details

Product Description:

Unlike traditional double-edge safety razors, the Twig was created to be forgiving, for a quicker + easier learning curve. Designed with the smallest safety razor head available, this is the most accessible shave. No more hesitation in tight spots.


An all metal, single-edge razor with a 5-pack of steel blades. Razor stand is not included.

Use + Care:

Open the blade holder by twisting the bottom of the handle clockwise. Load a single-edge blade into your Twig. Then, secure the blade by twisting back the bottom of the handle. The fixed head of the razor keeps a steady 30-degree angle between the blade and the skin.

Store in a dry place to maximize the life of the blades. 

Clean your razor monthly by taking a soft-bristle toothbrush and scrubbing the head of the razor with hand or dish soap to remove left-over shave soap residue and hairs.

The Business:

The two Adams behind Leave set out to design a better razor and as it turns out, a better razor is also better for the environment. Razors are a consistent part of our grooming routine and therefore a consistent part of our waste. Switching to a non-disposable razor helps save money, achieves a closer shave and sits pretty in your bathroom all while making a positive environmental impact.

End Life:

This product has a lifetime guarantee so it shouldn't have an end of life, but just in case, the razor body and razor refills are 100% recyclable in metal recycling. Save and bring in your old blades to our shop to be put into our Recycling Blade Program Box! Please have them in an envelope.

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0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review