• Razor Blades

Razor Blades

Single-edge blades are a simple classic that get you a close shave and are fully recyclable!

Product Description:

Razors are a consistent part of our grooming routine and therefore a consistent part of our waste. Switching to a forever razor helps save money, achieves a closer shave and sits pretty in your bathroom all while making a positive environmental impact.

  • Packs of 50 single-edge blades
  • Compatible with our standard long-handled Leaf razor and our short-handled Twig razor



Made from cold-forged steel


Use + Care:

Store in a dry place to maximize the life of the blades.

  • Leaf Razor: Turn the dial on the top of the razor to loosen. Lift each level of the cartridge to place one blade at a time. The grooves and magnet of the razor will hold the blade in place. Once you’ve loaded the desired amount of blades (up to three), turn the dial to secure.
  • Twig Razor: Twist the bottom of the razor handle to raise the top of the razor and drop in the blade. The grooves and magnet of the razor will hold the blade in place. Turn the base of the handle to secure.


The Business:

The two Adams behind Leave set out to design a better razor and as it turns out, a better razor is also better for the environment.


End Life:

The blade lifetime depends on the frequency of use. Once you’re ready to refresh your razor, check if your local waste disposal system will recycle them. If so, we suggest placing the used blades in an aluminum can and covering the opening.

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