What We Believe In

Small changes create
big impacts
When we all make changes, big or small, they can change the world
We meet people where they are. Do what you can with the information and resources you have
Sustainable living
looks different for everyone
We offer sustainable products
that we love and believe in
Our products are safe for humans & the planet, while being of the highest quality

How We Source

We are committed to offering sustainable products to our Ethos community. We do the long hard research,
so you don't have to. These are our guiding ethos when it comes to the procurement of our product offerings.

Plastic-free + Circular

We ask that all our vendors package and ship our offerings plastic-free. We believe in reducing our plastic consumption all the way up and down the waste stream.

Our expectation for working with any business is that they have placed value in creating a product that is not only durable and lasting, but have put systems in place for reuse, recycling, repurposing and avoiding the landfill at the end of that product’s life. Instead of plastic, we offer products that are made from materials that can be reused, composted, or recycled at the end of life.


We do our best to dig into the work practices behind the production of the products. We prioritize working with companies who are doing more to help our world. We look for companies that are giving back to their communities, the environment and fostering a sense of desire to do more than simply create a profit.

Safe Ingredients and Transparency

The brands we've partnered with are strongly committed to protecting the planet and our bodies by using cruelty free and clean ingredients.

Equitable and Intersectional

We try our hardest to ensure our products are as cost-effective as they can be. We strive to partner with a diverse range of fellow small businesses that are LGBTQIA+, women-owned, and Black, Indigenous and/or People of Color-owned, whenever possible.

Giving Back

We live out our ethos everyday by supporting organizations that are working towards social and environmental change.

Donation Efforts Past & Present

Below are the organizations we have donated or are currently donating to.


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