• All Purpose Cleaner Tablets
  • All Purpose Cleaner Tablets

All Purpose Cleaner Tablets

This All-Purpose Home Cleaner is your one-stop solution for cleaning all the surfaces in your home: floors, walls, countertops and even the greasy fingerprint smudges on the fridge!

Product Description:

Get that streak-free, squeaky clean finish on all your dusty, dirty surfaces! This cleaner couldn’t be easier to use and the replacement tabs store super small and easy. This refillable glass spray bottle is perfect to use with one tablet of Meliora's all-purpose cleaner tablets.



Cleaning tablet (vegetable soap: sodium cocoate, glycerin, organic coconut oil, water). Glass spray bottle with plastic spray top.


Use + Care:

Drop and all-purpose cleanear tablet into a spray bottle and add warm water. Re-attach the sprayer and gently shake the bottle until the cleaner dissolves (don’t use super hot or boiling water).

First, test on an inconspicuous spot just in case there are any issues. Then, spray away and wipe the surface until clean and dry for a streak-free finish. If you go a couple weeks between uses, the soap and water solution may separate, so give it a shake before use. When the spray is empty, add 1 tablet of All-Purpose Home Cleaner and refill the bottle.


The Business:

Meloria is a family-run business in Chicago entirely focused on making cleaning products that work for the planet and get the job done. They only introduce a product when it meets the Big Three: It works to get your home and clothes clean, is people-friendly so it's ok to have around your home and it’s planet friendly, so you can be confident that what goes down your drain won't cause any problems. Plus, they’ve got all the certifications: Certified B-Corp, Certified Cruelty-Free, MADE SAFE Certified and 1% for the Planet member.


End Life:

Refill or reuse the bottle for your own DIY potions! If the bottle breaks, the glass can be recycled and the spray top can be reused on another bottle.

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