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Redecker S-Shaped Scrub Brush

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$ 10.99


Your home-cleaning kit is about to get a glow-up! This scrubber can take on any cleaning challenge, it is designed to handle heavy duty cleaning for a variety of surfaces.

Product Details

Product Description:

The durable design can be used for just about any cleaning or scrubbing purposes. The s-shape helps provide a strong grip for really throwing some elbow grease into the toughest of jobs. This s-shaped wonder comes in at about 8 inches.


Untreated Beechwood, Tampico and Palmyra fiber. Heat resistant and safe to use in boiling water.

Use + Care:

Let the s-shaped curve of this brush nestle perfectly in your palm as you scrub your home or workplace. If you’re one to wash your brushes, use mild soap and let it air dry, don’t leave it in standing water.

The Business:

Handcrafted in Germany, this big time family-owned business, Bürstenhaus Redecker has been crafting quality brushes using traditional methods since 1935. And we all know, kicking it old school is usually the more earth-friendly way to go.

End life:

100% backyard compostable. Remove the bristles from the brush, carefully, with pliers and break up the brush for faster breakdown.

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0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review