• Unpaper Towel Prints
  • Unpaper Towel Prints
  • Unpaper Towel Prints

Unpaper Towel Prints

Who needs disposable paper towels when you can have these bad boys with PRINTS!? Perfect for use as napkins, handkerchiefs, or cleaning up spills! Put them on your paper towel holder or toss them in a cute basket under your sink for storage.

Product Description:

Unpaper towels are 1-ply and their edges are serged to make them more durable and prevent fraying. They will shrink just enough to be the perfect size for a standard paper towel roll after the first wash and will get more absorbent after the first few washes.

Unpaper towels naturally cling together, making it easy to roll up on a paper towel roll without the need for snaps! Clickhere to see a tutorial on how to roll your unpaper towels.

The towels measure 12" x 10". 



100% Cotton and Organic Cotton


Use + Care:

Give your new Unpaper towels a wash before the first use, they’ll give off a little bit of fuzz if you don’t. Machine wash them in warm water with like colors.

These puppies will get more absorbent with time, the fibers need a chance to break in, so don’t give up on them if they don’t soak up as much as you’d like the first several times.


The Business:

Located in Eugene, Oregon, Marley’s Monsters is a company focused on reducing and reusing. Some of their current practices include: plastic-free packaging and shipping, creating efficient designs that help to maximize fabric use and reducing waste, diverting fabric waste by donating scraps to be up-cycled into new products like jewelry, hair accessories and way more!


End Life: When they are no longer fit for the kitchen or bathroom, you can begin using these as all-purpose rags. When they are too beat up to be useful at all, cut them into smaller pieces and throw them into your compost pile. Recycle paper label with like materials.

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