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Marley's Monsters Unpaper Towel Dowel

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$ 36.00


Make it even easier to use your reusable, machine-washable Unpaper Towels with Marley’s Monster’s towel holder! This holder is custom designed to store your Unpaper Towels with ease.

Product Details

Product Description:

This towel holder has a removable dowel for an easy pull when pulling off each unpaper towel. Also convenient for removing to re-wrap your clean towels.


Birch plywood base, removable hard wood dowel and adhered 100% felted wool counter protector. Finished with a natural tung oil.

Use + Care: 

Slide the dowel off of the base, roll the Unpaper Towels or any cut cloths and slide back on.

The Business:

Located in Eugene, Oregon, Marley’s Monsters is a company focused on reducing and reusing. Some of their current practices include: plastic-free packaging and shipping, creating efficient designs that help to maximize fabric use and reducing waste, diverting fabric waste by donating scraps to be up-cycled into new products like jewelry, hair accessories and way more!

End Life:

Reuse, repurpose or re-gift  the wooden towel holder when you’re no longer in need. If it somehow breaks, use it  in your next fire pit!

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0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review