• Ice Cube Tray

Ice Cube Tray

A fresh take on an old school classic. These stainless steel ice cube trays are perfect for when you need a crisp, cool drink on a hot summer day!

Product Description: Relic of the past? No, no, we had it right back in the day! Stainless steel ice cube trays last a lifetime and make you look incredibly hip. These classy trays will keep you in ice cubes until you pass them along to the next generation.

Ingredients/Materials: 18/8 food-grade stainless steel

Use + Care: Place the insert into the ice cube tray and fill ½ or ¾ with water. Make sure not to overfill above the insert. Place your tray in the freezer, once all the cubes have frozen, pull the lever up to release the ice cubes. To clean, remove the insert and wash both pieces with soap and warm water.

The Business: Onyx is a company that ensures there are safe, non-plastic alternatives when it comes to food storage. Their products are high quality, affordable and manufactured in responsible conditions.

End Life: These are meant to last a lifetime. When it’s time to say goodbye, recycle or give to a friend! This ice cube tray comes in a recyclable paper box.

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07-23-2023 15:24
There's a learning curve for sure but these are exactly what I was looking for. We don't use our freezers ice maker because of plastic concerns. We have two of these ice trays and we try to empty and refreeze several times a day. Two works well for our family of three. The smaller pieces still fit in my son's klean Kanteens, that was a concern but it works. Loved the packaging and very low waste. Thanks so much!


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