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Vermont Soap Castile Soap

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We’re not hesitant to say that liquid castile soap is the single most versatile cleaning product you can have in your home. It’s a highly concentrated, multi-purpose, multi-surface, environmentally friendly concentrate that is made from plant oils.

Product Details

Product Description:

This concentrated all-purpose castile liquid soap has a silky smooth lather that is gentle enough for babies and effective enough for most of your home cleaning tasks. Mind you, this stuff is concentrated, so one refill will go quite a long way.

Use + Care:

Castile soap foams better as you dilute it. Castile foams best at 50-60% dilution depending on the use and hardness of the water you use for dilution.

  • Hand + Body: Use full strength or dilute. Great for hand soap, body wash, bath soap, camping, as a dog shampoo, you name it! Can be used as a face cleanser, however best suited for oily skin types. Not suitable for color-treated hair. 
  • Cleaning: Dishes (hand wash or dishwasher, dilute by 50%), washing clothes (1/3 cup or more per load), household cleaning (all purpose cleaner for all water-safe surfaces, add 5% soap to a spray bottle), bathroom/toilet (use full strength), dog shampoo, stain removal and more!
  • Walls & Woodwork: Add 1/4 cup to 1 gallon of hot water
  • Do not mix with vinegar or lemon juice. The acids will unsaponify the soap and curdle it, the result will be oily and make the mess worse rather than clean.


Organic saponified oils (coconut, olive and jojoba), rosemary extract, organic aloe vera. Rosemary extract is used as a preservative and aloe vera juice for added moisturizing benefits.

Delivery and Pick up:  

All refills are available for pick-up at both our locations. Restrictions apply for Santa Cruz local deliveries, and shipments please see How We Deliver Locally + Ship for more information. 

*This refill is not eligible for shipping

Dry Refills: 

Dry refills are packaged in paper bags and the product should be transferred to an air-tight container at home. 

Liquid Refills: 

Liquids are packaged in a mason jar, the product can be transferred to a dispenser of your own, or you may purchase a dispenser from us separately with your order. 

You will be charged a $3 deposit for each mason jar used for delivery, that you may recycle, continue reusing, or be returned in-person to one of our storefront shops for either: a donation to the Plastic Pollution Coalition OR get your deposit back in cash. 

For shipping orders we ask you not purchase more than 8 oz of each liquid refill. 

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