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Your new luffa awaits its new life in your home! The scrubby texture makes these lil’ gourds great for hard-to-clean dishes, or for exfoliating in the shower.

Product Details

Product Description:

  • Native to Asia and Africa, the luffa has been used for more than 9,000 years!
  • These gentle scrubbers are good for more than you may have thought: They are big enough to cut in half and use as dish sponges plus they’re amazing to a deep exfoliation in the shower. 


100% Luffa! Luffas are a proud member of the gourd family and grow on vines. These luffas are made from the dried luffa plant and are completely unprocessed. For the sake of the environment, they are not bleached to look perfectly white and may have variations in color and may still have a seed or two. 

Use + Care:

For use as a dish scrub (safe on nonstick pots and pans), wet the luffa with warm water + soap and scrub away. To use on your body, wet the luffa with warm water + your favorite soap and exfoliate. We recommend that you cut your luffa in half to get two and make it last even longer.

Rinse your luffa after each use with clean, hot water, wring it out completely and place in an area with good circulation so it can dry. Drying your luffa out before each use prevents any bacteria from forming and ensures it lasts as long as possible. So stand it up or attach a piece of fabric inside the luffa to hang it! You can also pop your luffa in the microwave for 15 seconds to sanitize it, or soak them in vinegar.

The Business:

The Luffa Farm is nestled in the small town of Nipomo, California and the owner of the farm has been growing luffas naturally for over 30 years. If you love luffas as much as we do, you can also take a tour of their luffa farm!

End Life: If taken care of properly, your luffa can last up to 6 months. Once your luffa has reached its end of life and is losing fibers, cut it up and toss into your compost pile or bury it in your garden!

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