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Mountain Rose Herbs Witch Hazel

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$ 9.56


Witch Hazel extract is a wonderful ingredient for use in your cosmetic preparations. It is gentle enough to be used alone, or it may be combined with other ingredients or herbs.

Product Details

Product Description:

Common uses:

Witch Hazel has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it great for all skin types. You can add your own essential oils too! 

  • Face toner + cleanser/ makeup remover
  • Soothe razor burn + diaper rash 
  • Soothe tired or puffy eyes
  • Aid in bug bites
  • $.82 c per oz

Use + Care:

For external use only. Store in cool and dry place. For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



This witch hazel extract contains 86% witch hazel extract and only 14% alcohol. This makes it more soothing than the version found in your local store, and lacks the alcohol sting and scent. Witch Hazel extract is distilled from the twigs and bark of the Witch Hazel tree 

 Pick Up and Delivery:

All refills are available for pick-up at both our locations. Restrictions apply for Santa Cruz local deliveries, and shipments please see How We Deliver Locally + Ship for more information. 

Dry Refills: 

Dry refills are packaged in paper bags and the product should be transferred to an air-tight container at home.  

Liquid Refills:  

Liquids are packaged in a mason jar, the product can be transferred to a dispenser of your own, or you may purchase a dispenser from us separately with your order. 

You will be charged a $3 deposit for each mason jar used for delivery, that you may recycle, continue reusing, or be returned in-person to one of our storefront shops for either: a donation to the Plastic Pollution Coalition OR get your deposit back in cash. 

For shipping orders we ask you not purchase more than 8 oz of each liquid refill.

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