• Refillable Bamboo Floss
  • Refillable Bamboo Floss
  • Refillable Bamboo Floss
  • Refillable Bamboo Floss
  • Refillable Bamboo Floss
  • Refillable Bamboo Floss

Refillable Bamboo Floss

An earth-friendly floss strong enough to hold up between the tightest of spaces. Easy on the gums and easy on the earth!

Product Description:

This is the ultimate find for those with tight spaces who are having trouble finding an vegan, earth-friendly floss that doesn't break. 

  • Bamboo container comes with a 50M spool
  • Stainless steel container comes with a 30M spool 
  • Refill spools are 30M each



Bamboo charcoal fiber, vegan candelilla wax and peppermint essential oil


Use + Care:

Buy refill spools when you run low and place it into your reusable container.


The Business:

Me Mother Earth is a family-owned business in Las Vegas, Nevada with a desire to help eliminate single-use plastics, they work to offer simple solutions with effective products.

Passionate about education and community connection, they work to make the earth-friendly choices approachable and easy.


End Life:

Bury or toss your floss in the compost bin and those bamboo fibers will begin to break down in about 60-90 days. The cardboard box is recyclable.

The container should last a very long time, but if you do need to dispose of it, recycle the stainless steel and the bamboo container can be composted after removing the cutting tool from the lid.

Reviews5 stars based on 2 reviews
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5 / 5
08-08-2023 02:40
Alora Cisneroz
This floss is so much better than conventional flosses. It cleans much better than the slick plastic-lined thread that I've used for my whole life. Never going back! I got mine in the little metal canister and it works great.
5 / 5
07-14-2023 04:51
Tyler Ernst
This floss has truly been a game changer for me. It’s barbed which has helped make my teeth feel cleaner than any other floss I’ve used in the past. Couldn’t Recommend more.


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