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Ethos Straw Cleaner

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$ 3.00


Keep your reusable straws in pristine condition inside and out!

Product Details

Product Description:

The perfect tool to clean your bamboo, stainless steel, silicone, glass or water bottle straw.

  • Coconut husk straw cleaner is tougher and more abrasive, best for scrubbing the inside of wider straws (especially with dried smoothie in them!). Not suited for more narrow straws as the fibers are not very flexible.
  • Nylon straw cleaner is for any straw! Long, flexible scrubbing bristles will bend into more narrow straws and reach all sides of wider straws.


Coconut husk + metal or nylon + metal

Use + Care:

Use the brush to clean the inside of your straw and give it a quick rinse. Hand wash and ring at the end. 

The Business:

Straw Hut Co. was started by two brothers with a mission to replace all plastic straws with reusable alternatives. They strive to offer the perfect reusable straw for every person, in an effort to eliminate the production of single use plastic straws.

End Life:

Metal parts can be recycled, coconut husk fibers are backyard compostable and the nylon parts will be need to be trashed.

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0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review