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Refill with us


Our refillery is the core of our ethos. It's an opportunity to reduce waste, reuse containers and refill with products you love in quantities you need.


If you can’t make it into the shop to refill, order online for pick-up, local delivery or have your order shipped.

  1. Select the refills items you’d like to purchase and the number of ounces you’d like to receive. Note: Refills are measured out by weight and not by volume.
  2. Dry refills are shipped in recyclable paper bags. Transfer your refills into airtight containers at home.
  3. Liquid refills are packaged in reusable and recyclable mason jars. Keep your refills in the jar or transfer into a preferred container. Liquid refills can be ordered for pick-up and local delivery only, they cannot be shipped*.
  4. Reuse or return your masons to the shop in-person. Each mason jar has a refundable deposit of $3. When you return your jar, we will provide you with a $3 cash refund or the opportunity to donate your $3 to the Plastic Pollution Coalition.


Come refill with us at our storefront to see it all before your very eyes and get the full knowledge of our experienced team.

  1. You bring your personal clean and dry containers, purchase a new one from us
  2. We help you tare weight each container to make sure you pay for exactly what you’re going home with.
  3. We help you fill your containers as much or little as you’d like. If you want to try an ounce before committing to a full container, we encourage that. The most sustainable way to use our refillery is to not waste product, so if you need to buy a sample, do that first! Then you can go ahead and buy a whole gallon.
  4. You get refill rewards stamps when you purchase your refills in-shop! Each refill over $5 gets you a stamp, once you hit 10, you get 50% off your most expensive refill of the day (up to $15 off).
  5. You prevent another container from entering our landfills, heal the planet and support your community.


Donate your clean, dry jars and bottles with lids for those who forget a container and could use a spare!

Give them the sniff check, if they smell like whatever was in them previously, we ask that you recycle them so that the quality of the product is not affected.

ANY QUESTIONS regarding our bulk refills? EMAIL US at [email protected]