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Katari Beauty Mixing + Applicator Spatula

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$ 6.00


Sustainably made out of hardy olive wood, these small olive wood spatulas are a great complement to a treat of ice-cream or mixing and applying a facial mask, without altering the PH of your ingredients.

Product Details

Product Description:

Olivewood is neutral to ingredients and will not oxidize your products, the wood is hardy and will not splinter or swell in the water. Non-porous nature of olivewood makes it resistant to bacteria 

2.5" / ~6.3 cm (sizes and shapes vary slightly due to handmade nature)


Olivewood from mature, non producing trees. Each piece is finished by hand. Variations in sizes and shapes are natural due to the process. Wood patterns are also varied due to uniqueness of each piece of wood used


Use+ Care:

Eat ice cream, yoghurt, measure and mix beauty recipes (or even apply facial masques or liquid wax) - use in kitchen or in beauty rituals

Preferably hand wash; to restore shine - polish with olive oil


The Business:

Katari delivers clean, vegan, cruelty-free, preservative-free, single ingredient beauty products, and artisanal beauty accessories.


End Life:

Throw it into your at-home compost


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0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review