• Hand + Body Bars
  • Hand + Body Bars
  • Hand + Body Bars
  • Hand + Body Bars
  • Hand + Body Bars
  • Hand + Body Bars
  • Hand + Body Bars

Hand + Body Bars

These hand and body soap bars are handmade locally with organically grown botanicals and clays. Fresh in smell and ingredients!

Product Descriptions:

A bar for everyone! From hydration to exfoliation, fresh, local ingredients make for incredible hand and body cleansing.


Calendula: Seasonal, unscented calendula soap that is filled with the healing properties of this beautiful flower. The bees surround this plant as it provides pollen and also healing properties, externally, for the skin. This soap is great for sensitive skin, healing dry skin and is often helpful for eczema and various other skin conditions.The olive oil base is infused for four weeks with dried calendula flowers.Safe for babies, children as well.

Salt and Clay: Salt bars are great for exfoliation and cleansing, each bar is roughly 50% pink Himalayan salt. This bar is excellent at the sink for daily use as it never gets soft and lasts an exceptionally long time. Plus, it’s full of essential minerals ready for our body to absorb through the skin.

Morning Scrub: is made with locally roasted Vertigo Coffee Roaster’s coffee and fresh grounds. The coffee in this bar brings antioxidants to the skin along with a gentle exfoliation from coffee grounds. The scent here is a complex warmth of cedar, fir, sandalwood and cinnamon. Great for your morning shower routine. 

Pacific Waters: Bladderwrack seaweed, mindfully foraged along the Monterey Peninsula, brings iodine, vitamins & essential trace elements to this soap. The scent is a clean and bright blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, fir and cedar.



  • Salt + Clay: coconut oil *, avocado oil* , Himalayan sea salt, rhassoul clay, essential oils of lavender and peppermint *organic
  • Calendula: calendula infused olive oil, avocado oil*, coconut oil*, fair trade shea butter*, calendula flowers*organic. The calendula is grown organically on our small farm and olive oil comes directly from Belle Farms in Watsonville
  • Morning Scrub: local olive oil, avocado oil*, coconut oil*, fair trade shea butter*, Vertigo coffee and grounds, essential oils of cedar, fir, sandalwood and cinnamon leaf*organic
  • Pacific Waters: local olive oil, avocado oil*, coconut oil*, fair trade Shea butter*, bladderwrack seaweed, essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, for and cedar *organic


Use + Care:

Use as needed to cleanse and refresh your skin! Stick a bar into a soap saver bag to use as an exfoliator. 


The Business:

Thistle Valley Farm and Apothecary products are handcrafted on their lovely small garden farm stewarding land along the Elkhorn Slough in Royal Oaks, California. Their goal is to produce natural body care products that work symbiotically with nature and body.


End Life:

Use until completely gone. To help use soap ends, you can place bits and pieces of soaps into a soap saver bag to use in the bath or shower!

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