• Greeting Card Set of 8
  • Greeting Card Set of 8
  • Greeting Card Set of 8
  • Greeting Card Set of 8
  • Greeting Card Set of 8
  • Greeting Card Set of 8

Greeting Card Set of 8

These boxed set features four different card designs of original pen and watercolor drawings. Includes two of each design! The insides are left blank for you to write whatever suits the occasion or your mood. Printed on plantable paper!

How To Use: To plant the greeting card, cover it with 1/8" of soil in full to partial sun and keep moist until the seeds establish. For best results, plant your seed card within 2 years.

For improved germination time, soak paper for a few minutes before planting.  Sprouts should appear within roughly 7 days, depending on conditions. The sprouted paper can then be planted, gently covering with soil. Keep moist while the seedlings establish their roots.

Materials: 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Seeds included: Bird’s Eye, Clarkia, Black Eyed Susan, Sweet Alyssum, Catchfly and Snapdragon. All seeds are non-GMO and approved for planting in the USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia. 

Packaging: None

End Life: Plant these babies! 

More Reasons Why We Love Them: Located in Western Massachusetts, these lovely cards are handmade with love.

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4 / 5
07-01-2021 19:11
These greeting cards are excellent gifts! Everyone who has received one has been really excited and intrigued by the idea of planting flowers with it. I wish that the illustration on the front would correspond to the type of seeds that are included. Also, some of the root drawings look kinda gnarly. I'm also not sure how to use a card that says "self heal" on the front. Though I understand it is the name of a flower, it's just hard to pick an appropriate occasion for that...


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