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Thistle Valley Farm & Apothecary Dog Shampoo

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$ 10.75


Skip the plastic bottle. Here's a natural, biodegradable option for your furry dogs. This solid shampoo bar is filled with oils that will help nourish and maintain a healthy coat and skin.

Product description

Neem oil is plentiful in this bar giving it anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties along with assistance in repelling fleas and ticks.

Lavender essential oil soothes the skin and makes bath time a little easier.

The unscented is for extra sensitive doggos, with no essential oils.

Directions: Wet coat well and massage the soap bar directly onto fur. Lather and rinse well.

Care: Store the soap bar in a cool dry place until next use- this 6.5 oz bar will last many washes. We recommend storing the soap in one of our stainless steel 1 cup containers (for travel) or a Stasher bag! (at home).

Ingredients: olive oil* , avocado oil, coconut oil * , neem oil, castor oil * and lavender essential oil * organic

Please note: not for our feline friends

Packaging: paper label that may be composted or recycled. 

Why We Love Crooked Arrow Apothecary:  All their products are handcrafted on their lovely small garden farm stewarding land is along the Elkhorn Slough in Royal Oaks, California. Their goal is to produce natural body care products that work symbiotically with nature and body. 

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0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review