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No Tox Life Long Handle Dish Brush

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Go plastic free with this long handled wooden dish brush with a replaceable head made from plant-based bristles. This brush is perfect for cleaning coffee mugs, teacups, pots & pans!

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Product description

We also carry the replacement heads!

Care: To prevent cracks, do not leave the wood part soaking in water. After use, rinse the bristles with clean water and hang dry naturally. When bristles start to wear out you can replace the head. You can find the replacement head here!

Packaging: They come to us and you 100% packaged-free!

Materials: This removable-head dish brush has a moso bamboo handle and brush head, with stiff agave fiber (vegan) plant bristles. It is held together with silver metal wire, and includes a small wire loop at the end for hanging dry.

Casa Agave™ agave fiber bristles are grown, harvested, sun-dried and processed in Mexico using traditional techniques to ensure a high quality and strong natural fiber. 

End Life: Compost the brush head when necessary, and find the replacement brush head here. Reuse the wooden handle. If necessary, all parts of the handle are either compostable (wood) or recyclable (metal).

Why we love them:  No Tox Life is a zero waste, family-owned business that strives to use the highest quality ingredients in their handmade products! Handmade in Los Angeles, CA.

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