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Khordz Survival Drinkware Mug-Wide Mouth

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$ 20.00


Break in case of emergency! Besides being a key to survival in a pinch, will help keep you well hydrated! Made in Santa Cruz with 20ft of 550lb Paracord.

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Product description

Perfect for your morning cup of jo, a cocktail or some H2O. On the go or cozy in your favorite chair-life's simple pleasures. Hand-knotted handle and wrapped sleeve provide a comfortable grip to protect and insulate your favorite beverage. 


16oz wide mouth food grade heat-resistant glass canning jar

20 ft. mold/mildew resistant 550lb load rated quick drying paracord.  Made in the USA.


Don't remove the paracord to clean, simply throw it in the dishwasher.  Cord is quick-drying, mold/mildew resistant with face resistant colors. 

Tips from the maker:

Khordz mugs are made from soda lime glass. It is strong but not impervious to rapid temperature changes (thermal shock) or impact.

• 550 paracord is a durable and strong cord intended for outdoor use. It has a manufactures rated breaking strength of 550 pounds and a working load rating of 55 pounds. These limits should not be exceeded.

• Be sure to wash in the dishwasher or with warm soapy before first use of your mug.

• The paracord handle and sleeve on all Khordz mugs are integrated together with the jar and are not designed to come apart. (It should only be untied if you really need it) Should you find your self in this situation, please share, you may be eligible for a free replacement!

• Khordz mugs are dishwasher-safe (top shelf), or they can be hand-washed with dish soap and warm water and non-abrasive brush or sponge.

• Khordz mugs should not be put in the freezer, placed in or filled with boiling water. Do not expose to rapid changes in temperature. Glass will become hot if filled with hot liquids and should not come directly in contact with skin. Liquid hot enough to burn you should not be consumed from a Khordz mug. Do not place in flame or on a heating element. Do not over fill (hight then the top of the paracord sleeve). Always inspect your mug for cracks and chips before use. If any damage is found discontinue use immediately. 

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0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review