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Boba & Vespa Stingray Cat Toy

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$ 11.99


Let your kitty cat be a hungry shark with its very own stingray!

Product description

Product Description: Each component of the Stingray is made with plant material, ensuring the ocean stays safe for actual stingrays! The colors you see are the colors of nature. The buckwheat hulls inside the stingray create a fun crinkly texture for your kitty to play with while a hemp cord tail gives them something to swipe at.

Ingredients/Materials: Hemp Canvas, Organic Cotton Sherpa, Hemp Cord, Organic Cotton Filling, Buckwheat Hulls, Cotton Label, Organic Cotton Thread

Use + Care: Toss it on the floor and let your cat go nuts, or tie a string to the tail and move it around for a good chase! You can spot clean with a damp cloth if it is necessary.

The Business: Boba and Vespa’s mission is to eliminate plastic in the pet industry and bring truly eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to the market. They are designed and manufactured in Irvine, California.

End Life: This stingray is made entirely of plant material, making it fully backyard compostable. Break the toy into smaller pieces to help it break down faster.

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0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review