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Refillery Menu

Bring in your own clean containers or purchase one from us and get to refilling!

Santa Cruz folks, we can deliver any refills right to your doorstep. Check out our local bike delivery service! 

Update September 2020: We are taking back our mason jars and will happily refund your $2 deposit. We will also happily accept your clean used mason jars for refilling.  All mason jars returned to us will be sanitized for your safety before reuse.

Body + Face

All Good Sunscreen – $3/oz

Griffin Remedy Liquid Bubble Bath- $.60/oz

Scents: lavender, orange blossom 

Juniperseed Mercantile Facial Toners – $2.25/oz

Types: clarifying, cucumber + rose

Oneka Face Cream – $4.50/oz

Oneka Shower Gel and Lotion – $.65 – .80/oz

Verdant Face Wash – $5 /oz

Verdant Bath Salts - $2.15/oz

Urb Apothecary Willow Charcoal Face Cleanser – $10/oz


Griffin Remedy Leave in Treatment – $1.15/oz

Oneka Shampoo and Conditioner – $.65/oz

Scents: lavender, citrus, cedar & sage 


Castile Soap - $.65/oz

Dropps Dishwasher Pods – $.78/oz

Fillaree Dish Soap – $.17 – .25/oz

Scents: unscented, citrus

Fillaree Liquid Hand Soap – $.50/oz

Meliora’s  Cleaning scrub – $.45/oz

Scents: peppermint



Meliora’s  Laundry Powder – $.43-.53/oz

Scents: Unscented, lavender 

Raw Ingredients

Activated Charcoal – $1.75/oz

Arrowroot Powder – $.58/oz

Baking Soda - $.25/oz

Bentonite Clay– $.74/oz

Borax - $.22/oz

Jojoba Oil– $2/oz

Witch Hazel – $.75/oz


All Good Unscented Hand Sanitizer – $2.33/oz

Charcoal Water Filters - $4.28/ oz

Unpaste Tooth Tablets Fluoride- Free – $4.35/oz

DeerHaven Lavender Essential Oil-$20/oz

Star West Botanicals Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil-$6/oz

Star West Botanicals Lemon Essential Oil-$7/oz

Star West Botanicals Sweet Orange Essential Oil- $2/oz

Star West Botanicals Peppermint Essential Oil-$10/oz

Star West Botanicals Tea Tree Essential Oil-$9/oz