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Local Artist Exhibit

Anne Martinete - @queen_spatula

Solo Exhibition |  December 3, 2021 - February 28, 2022 



Anne has been photographing her entire life. As a kid, she was the family photographer, constantly taking photos and recording home videos with her brother and cousins. Upon graduating high school, she bought her first DSLR camera, which she used to document her life throughout college.  

In the last three years, Anne has been shooting film photography, using it as a way to document her experience living in Santa Cruz. She is currently a freelance photographer for local brands and businesses. 

Unceded territory of the Awaswas-speaking Uypi Tribe, descendents of the Ohlone peoples.

What does your work mean to you? It’s my form of creative expression, and I cherish it very much. I love doing it, and it’s a huge source of joy. When I’m photographing and when I’m putting together an art show, I feel most like myself, like I’m able to speak through my art. That’s invaluable to me.

What has your artistic journey been like? It’s been a fun ride. I began by making my work for myself, and when I took the leap to share my work with bigger audiences (not just my close friends), things changed. Having strangers interact with my art has opened up new things for me, new opportunities, new questions, especially the whole process of putting together art shows and selling my work.  

Knowing my photographs are hanging in the homes of strangers is quite a trip. 

What does your work aim to say/express? I’m still trying to figure that out lol. I think I want to invite people to see the world like I do — to find joy in mundane places.

What is your source of inspiration? The everyday world I live in. Color, lines, light, and shadows.

What materials do you tend to use? Why? I shoot on film (35mm and 120mm) for two reasons. Firstly, it’s about the process for me. When I’m out with my film camera, I am seeing the world through the viewfinder, and I love looking and finding beautiful moments. I love framing a photo, clicking the shutter, and winding the film. And I love even more that I am able to surrender to how film takes care of the rest. I don’t worry about editing the photo afterwards. (Thanks to Bay Photo for developing my film!)

Secondly, there’s something special about how film renders color, shadows, and grain — I think most people wouldn’t notice, but if you train your eye, you’re able to see it. It’s gorgeous. 

What has been the biggest learning curve that you've experienced as an artist? Learning to trust myself, follow my gut and take the shot. Ignore the voice inside of me saying “This is weird, don’t take the photo…” and rather listen to the voice saying “This is interesting, I HAVE to take a photo…”

What upcoming/current projects are you most excited about? I’m excited to take on more clients (local brands and businesses) for my work in digital photography. In terms of my work with film, I’m excited to create another photobook of my work in 2022. I also want to collaborate with other artists in some way.

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