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Local Artist Exhibit

Hannah Eugster - @whiskeyandmud

Solo Exhibition |  March 1 - May 31, 2022 

Hannah (she/they) is a freelance videographer and photographer. With a passion for environmental justice, low-waste living, and ecology Hannah hopes to inspire others to fall in love with Mama Earth with their photos and videos. They've been doing video and photo work for the last 6 years and hope to continue to grow as an artist and storyteller. In their free time they like to go hiking, mountain biking, and fly fishing. Basically anything outside, especially if it involves their dogs! If you're interested in learning more about Hannah follow along on her journey on Instagram or Youtube! @whiskeyandmud

What does your work mean to you? I hope that other people enjoy my work and fall as deeply in love with nature as I have.  

What has your artistic journey been like? I started using photography and videography as a fun way to express myself but now I get to use it to help people tell their stories! That is where my passion currently lies. It’s been a constant roller coaster, to be totally honest. Some days I feel inspired and excited while others I feel a bit lost. It’s hard to make a passion a profession but I wouldn’t have it any other way. So far I feel unbelievably blessed that my art has become my full time job and I'm excited to continue on this journey. 

What does your work aim to say/express? Generally I’m just trying to capture a moment in nature. I hope to find views that others haven’t seen before. Quiet, peaceful, tiny moments that happen everyday. Intimate moments from daily life. I also have a passion for ecology and the importance of our environment and saving it. I hope to capture these intimate moments and inspire others to want to protect these beautiful places. 

What is your source of inspiration? The way light dances with earth.

What materials do you tend to use? Why? I’m a videographer and photographer so my camera is never too far away from me. But I recently got a VHS camcorder from the 80s which has been super fun to play with!

What has been the biggest learning curve that you've experienced as an artist? Progress over Perfection. 

What upcoming/current projects are you most excited about? I’m working with a local company on some really cool video series on outdoor sports and accessibility and inclusivity in the outdoors. I'm so excited about this series and helping people get out into the wild when maybe they didn't think they could before. I'm also doing some mini documentaries and video bios of some very interesting and amazing people. Those will be posted on my youtube as soon as they are done. 

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