Wild Jules Seed ball

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Seed balls?! Seeds are mixed with red clay and compost to provide a self contained method of spreading native varieties! The ball protects the seed from birds & wind. The best part is, you can cast them out on top of the soil any time of year.

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Product description

They are a simple and beautiful way to re-establish native wildflowers to most any environment.

  • Includes directions

How to use:

Seed balls can be cast out any time of year, but the seeds themselves will dictate when it’s their time to germinate (depending on temperature and precipitation)!

Simply cast the seed balls out on top of bare soil anytime of year. It is especially recommended to cast out right before a good rain. However, the best time to cast out seed balls is mid-fall (or when temperature is consistently cool) to early spring (when precipitation is present).

Do not plant! If planted, the seed would be sown too deeply since it’s already compacted in clay. If you have mulch, pull it away to allow the seed balls to make direct contact with the soil. 

Germination is triggered by temperature and moisture. The viable seed within the clay balls will wait patiently until their individual requirements are present, and will therefore dictate when it's their time to get goin’! 

We are warming up and drying out in California with little significant precipitation in our forecasts. Supplemental water may be needed during dry spells of more than 2-3 weeks if germination has begun. Apply supplemental water daily to encourage a good root structure, which in turn supports bloom and seed production.

For more helpful tips and information on each of the seeds visit Wild Jules Seed Balls Explained.

Material: Individual varieties of seed are proportionately mixed with red clay and compost to provide a self contained method of spreading native varieties.

Packaging: Paper box can be thrown in recycling.