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Dandy Roots Beeswax Party Candles- 12 Pack

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$ 6.00


These handcrafted 100% pure beeswax party candles are great for celebrating, from birthdays to Hanukkah!

Product description

Pack of 12 100% pure beeswax party candles with a hemp wic! 

Burn time: 

Each individual candle will last approx 30-45min burn time. They are 3" tall.


The label is printed on handmade wildgrass paper that is chlorine-free and faire trade and wrapped in hemp twine.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Beeswax, locally sourced (from San Francisco Bay Area, CA), 100% hemp wic

The benefits of burning beeswax:

Not only is beeswax a naturally occurring byproduct in beehives, but it also has a natural golden yellow coloring and honey scent. But the best thing about beeswax is it actually purifies the air.

Everything in the air that causes respiratory issues like asthma and allergies (do, dust, dirt, pollen, etc) have a positive ion. This means they're light weight and float in the air making them easy to breath in. Burning beeswax emits negative ions into the air. The negative and positive ions neutralize which cause them to gain weight and fall to the floor. Thus, purifying the air we breath.

Many people with respiratory issues make the claim that burning a beeswax candle 1-2 hours before bed time allows them to sleep and breath easier at night.

End life:
Celebrate often to burn it to its very end :)
Why we love Dandy Roots: Dandy Roots is a women-owned local Bay Area, California business. They donate 5% of the profits from every purchase to local (SF Bay Area/California) non-profits who’s missions are to save this planet in some fashion! From 2018 through 2019, they donated to Planet Bee Foundation. In 2020, they are donating to Surf Rider Foundation. This is a California-orignating non-profit with bases all over the nation who’s mission is to protect our beaches and oceans from plastic pollution through legal reform.

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