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Glad Rags XO Flo Regular

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$ 35.00


Back off tampon toxins! This silicone menstrual cup is a plastic-free and reusable alternative to the disposable feminine hygiene options. It not only saves you money but also reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills.

Product description

You can wear the XO Flo at any time, even when you head to bed for the night, and for any occasion, including physical activity.

Generally, those with heavier flow, higher cervix and those who have given birth will prefer the original XO Flo. 

XO Flo’s mini cup is a great option for those with a lighter flow, low cervix, a sensitive bladder, and/or those who haven’t given birth. 

  • BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free and lead-free
  • Holds 38 mL of fluid
  • Clear in color

Size: 45 mm diameter at rim. 86mm in length. 55mm in length without stem. Weighs 0.01 KG

How to use: Your XO Flo may remain in the body for up to 12 hours at a time. When removing the XO Flo, grip the stem as high as possible. The smallest bead on the stem is there to help you locate your XO Flo, but is not designed to be tugged. XO Flo’s soft beaded stem is designed to be both trimmable and super comfortable when left untrimmed.

To insert XO Flo, press the "x" sides of the cup together to fold the cup in half, then fold in half again. The rim of the cup will now be held in a "C" shape. Gently insert the cup rim-first into the vagina, angled gently toward the tailbone, and slowly guide it to where it feels comfortable. The length of the cup is worn within the body, though the stem may remain outside of the body. Release your fingers to open the cup. If you would prefer the cup to open a bit more slowly, start by pressing the "o" sides of the cup together, then fold in half again.

If you have a low cervix you can trim the stem, even going so far as to cut it completely off, however, we suggest waiting to trim the stem until you've tried the cup for at least a few days. Often, the initial placement of your cup is not where it ends up and may find that once you get your positioning down, the cup will find its most comfortable place farther up the vaginal canal. You want to make sure you haven't trimmed the stem too far so that it's not difficult to reach. Some don't feel the cup at all and rave about how comfortable it is. Others find that the stem may bother them or at least they are aware of it. It is important to try the menstrual cup for a few cycles before deciding what is or isn't comfortable.

You can wear a pantyliner as backup during your first cycle with XO Flo. You will learn how frequently to empty your cup depending on the heaviness of your menstrual flow. After a month or two, you'll become familiar with your own menstrual flow pattern.

Care: Wash your cup at least once each day! Wash your menstrual cup with mild soap and water before reinsertion. When not in use, store in the provided storage pouch. Do not store your menstrual cup in a plastic bag or airtight container.

Material: Body-safe medical grade silicone

End life: Dispose cup in general garbage. Reuse storage pouch or dispose of in garbage.

More reasons why we love them: More reasons why we love them: One of the first businesses in Oregon to become a certified legal Benefit Corporation. Woman-owned company. Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free company. Made in the USA.

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