• Low-Waste Let's Go Kit
  • Low-Waste Let's Go Kit

Low-Waste Let's Go Kit

We’re all tired of being handed single use plastics when we’re out in the world. There are so many creative solutions to reducing waste in this space, this kit makes it easy to get started!

Product Description:

Put your snack or your leftovers in your stasher bag, use and reuse your straw and utensils, pack your bulk sunscreen or hot sauce in a go tube! Your busy schedule and the overwhelming number of options can make it difficult to start, so scoop up a kit and get started reducing your waste.

  • Silicone Snack Bag: Washable, reusable food storage, organization, reusable wet wipes, etc!
  • Utensil Kit: Bamboo fork, knife, spoon + chopsticks in a carrying pouch w/carabiner. 
  • Stainless Steel Straw: Rust-proof and endlessly reusable.
  • Squeeze Bottle: Easy to clean, easy to carry, easy to refill!
  • Wrapped in a reusable produce bag to reuse for your low-waste grocery shopping! 


Use + Care:

Use your single-use plastic products until they no longer function before switching to a low-waste alternative. The most low-waste thing you can do is get the most life out of the plastics you already have in your life.

For more specific information on individual products, follow the links for each product in the product description.


The Business:

The Ethos team built these kits to help relieve the tough choice of where to begin. Each product is made by low-waste businesses that specialize in different alternatives to single-use plastics.

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