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Ethos Low-Waste Kitchen

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$ 50.11


Are you sick + tired of tossing plastic into your trash? Give those dishes some elbow grease with your new low-waste tools!

Product Details

Product Description:

Reduce the plastic waste in your home one routine at a time. The kitchen sink is heavy on the disposables, minimizing the plastic in your dish cleaning routine makes a big impact. 

  • Values at: $58.95
  • Upcycled Soap Dish: Made with resin from surf and stand-up paddle boards, this material is living its second life!
  • Solid Dish Soap: Suds up and cuts grease, a little goes a long way, these dish washing blocks will last you a good while.
  • Long-Handled Dish Brush + Replacement Head: Reach the deep corners of all your dishes, keep the handle and replace the head when it’s lived its fullest life.
  • Swedish Dish Cloth: Soft and absorbent like a sponge or a paper towel, wash dishes and wipe counters ‘til she sparkles.
  • Bamboo Pot Scraper: Get the tough gunk off pots, dishes and counters.


Follow the links for more details on the individual products listed in the product description.

Use + Care:

Use your single-use plastic products until they no longer function before switching to a low-waste alternative. The most low-waste thing you can do is get the most life out of the plastics you already have in your life. For more specific information on individual products, follow the links for each product in the product description.

The Business:

The Ethos team built these kits to help relieve the tough choice of where to begin. Each product is made by low-waste businesses that specialize in different alternatives to single-use plastics.

End Life:

If one of the included products isn’t a good fit for you, gift it to a friend to try!

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0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review