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Elate Elate Palettes

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$ 21.00


Protect and carry your Pressed Eye Colors, and Blush Balms with sustainable style. These palettes havr space for it all, with customizable magnetic backing to allow you to design your powder layout.

Product Details

Product Description:

Palettes you can’t personalize are a thing of the past: With our Essential Palette, you choose your shades, so no product goes unused—or to a landfill.

Essential Palette:The Essential Palette will fit 2 Blushes, or 8 Pressed EyeColors. Perfect for the minimalist makeup palette. Plus, a mirror helps you get ready on the go.


Elate palettes are made of sustainably sourced bamboo and will fit any magnetic pans.


Customize  by placing Elate's Eyeshadows, and Blush Balms, into these palettes.Use and re-use these compact to reduce waste.

The Business:

Elate ingredients are clean, vegan and they use 90% of organic ingredients in their products!

End life: 

Reuse and refill this product again and again. If necessary, bamboo is biodegradable and other parts can be removed and recycled or landfilled.

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0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review