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Ethos Dish Washing Bundle

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$ 33.28


Freshin’ up the kitchen with this bundle of dish washing necessities! This is a great option for someone wanting to go plastic free with their dishwashing, but doesn’t know where to start.

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What's included:

Moso Bamboo Soap Dish: A perfect dry resting spot for your solid dish washing soap or any bars of soap!

Solid Dish Soap: Handmade dish soap with a concentrated formula that works hard to get even the dirtiest dishes clean.

Pot Brush:  This heavy duty scrub brush has stiff plant fiber bristles to scrub pots and pans and stuck on food

Long Handled Dish Brush:  Go plastic free with this long handled wooden dish brush with a replaceable head made from plant-based bristles. This brush is perfect for cleaning coffee mugs, teacups, pots & pans!

Add ons: Some other great add-ons not included in bundle but to consider! We can add any other products to the bundle box (discount not included), let us know at the checkout which other products you would like to be added to the bundle! :) 

Note for pick-up orders: Our boxes are a standard size we will try to fit additional add-ons into the box, but will otherwise put the add-ons in their own larger gift bag!

Add a plantable greeting card to your bundle! We can leave it in their blank for you, or write a note! Leave a note in the checkout! 

Other great add ons: replacement head for dish brush, bamboo pot scraper, luffa, copper cleaner, cast iron cleaner, swedish dish cloth :) 

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0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review