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Miyabi Charcoal Charcoal Water Filter Sticks

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A plastic-free solution for better tasting tap water. Charcoal adsorbs impurities and imparts healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium giving your water a delicious and clean taste. Our bulk refills are by the bamboo charcoal stick!

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Product description

How to use: Simply place in any pitcher or water bottle and add tap water. We recommend adding tap water in the evening for use the next day. Refer to our "how to use" photo.

Ingredients: Bamboo charcoal. Both bamboo charcoal and binchotan (wood Charcoal) work very well (IF carbonized at 800 degrees celsius) to remove impurities from tap water. However, we prefer bamboo for our charcoal, because it is a more sustainable material. Bamboo grows much faster than trees.

Miyabi Bamboo Charcoal is made from bamboo that is already a waste product. Bamboo must be regularly culled in the Japanese countryside to preserve indigenous forests. However, binchotan is often made from the ubame oak tree, which has been decreasing in recent years. If ubame trees are not used, then other hard wood trees are used.

Care: Follow this formula:3 pieces per liter of water for 4 weeks. All tap water is different. Some impurities like chloramine have a stronger taste than solids or even pesticides. When the chloramine taste comes back, you know it's time to change your bamboo charcoal. But what about other impurities? That's why we recommend replaying your bamboo charcoal every 4 weeks to ensure maximum adsorption. 

Packaging: Our dry good bulk refills including these charcoal sticks are packaged in paper bags. Please reuse, compost or recycle!

End life:

COMPOST: Add bamboo charcoal to your compost. Charcoal will reduce odor and support microbial retention. It will easily break down in your compost pile. 

GARDENING: Smash Miyabi Bamboo Charcoal and mix it into soil, where it will support microorganisms, enhance water and oxygen retention in soil, and make your plants healthy and happy!


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0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review