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Sheldon Logan Cayucos Pier, Cayucos CA, 2020

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Cayucos Pier, Cayucos CA, 2020
16”x20” Canvas Print

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Artist Bio:

Sheldon Logan is primarily a landscape photographer who sometimes dabbles in wildlife photography originally from Jamaica but now living in Santa Cruz, California. He grew up overlooking the Caribbean Sea in Harbour View, a small town on the outskirts of Kingston, within throwing distance of the famed pirate town, Port Royal. Sheldon’s photography uses vivid colors to bring to life diverse water vistas from the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea to the thundering waterfalls of Iceland. Having spent all of his life living less than 50 miles from the ocean/sea, Sheldon hopes that his Photography can inspire current and future generations to preserve the pristine beauty of our oceans/seas through various conservation efforts, such as better waste management, reducing consumption that causes climate change, and protection of ocean/sea wildlife, especially those that are threatened.

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