Dandy Roots 2oz Beeswax Candle

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These pumpkin spice 2 oz candles in a mason jar are the perfect plastic-free non toxic candle to use this fall! They might be little but they do have a 15 hour burn time!

Product description

 Burn time: 

These container candles are 2 oz and burn for approximately 15 total hours


Glass container and certified compostable label.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Beeswax, locally sourced (San Francisco Bay Area, CA), Organic & Virgin Coconut Oil,Square Braided Cotton Wic, Essential OIls (except ‘Natural Honey’ is omit of EO’s)

The benefits of burning beeswax:

Not only is beeswax a naturally occurring byproduct in beehives, but it also has a natural golden yellow coloring and honey scent. But the best thing about beeswax is it actually purifies the air.

Everything in the air that causes respiratory issues like asthma and allergies (do, dust, dirt, pollen, etc) have a positive ion. This means they're light weight and float in the air making them easy to breath in. Burning beeswax emits negative ions into the air. The negative and positive ions neutralize which cause them to gain weight and fall to the floor. Thus, purifying the air we breath.

Many people with respiratory issues make the claim that burning a beeswax candle 1-2 hours before bed time allows them to sleep and breath easier at night.

End life:
One great way to extract the remaining wax [if you are burning a container candle] is to place your container in a small pool of low-boiling water to create a double boiler type set up. Let the wax melt and add hot water to the container itself. Remove the container from the boiling water and let harden. The hard wax will float to the surface and the water will be underneath which helps to remove the wax. Now that you’ve extracted the wax, you can use the container for nick nacks, terarriums - get creative! With your  left over wax, you can melted it down and double the fluid oz with some kind of oil (coconut, olive, avocado..whatever you have on hand) maybe had a few drops of essential oil to the mix, let harden again and BOOM you have a salve/body butter. Or feel free to just compost the wax and recycle the jar :)
Why we love Dandy Roots: Dandy Roots is a women-owned local Bay Area, California business. They donate 5% of the profits from every purchase to local (SF Bay Area/California) non-profits who’s missions are to save this planet in some fashion! From 2018 through 2019, they donated to Planet Bee Foundation. In 2020, they are donating to Surf Rider Foundation. This is a California-orignating non-profit with bases all over the nation who’s mission is to protect our beaches and oceans from plastic pollution through legal reform.

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